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Cleave poem submissions by Dennis Kelly

In submission on September 15, 2008 at 4:19 am


_______________Once-a long time ago
____there was a time-when I was young
back when I was old-back when time stopped
_when time went by-slowly like black molasses
__slower and slower-creeping like a snail
_____a long track of-shiny slimy words
____midnight words-film noir words
_____mystery words-detective words
____true confession-sci-fi words
________pulp fiction-sports words
________latin words-old high german
_______action words-surrealist words
___words of wonder-words of magic
_____wordhordes of-old weirding ways
____towers of babel-skyscraper words
______getting slower-and slower
______slowing down-slowing down
________then slower-and slower
_________then finally-finally home
_________back home-back home

___________A Swarm of Gnats

__________—for Herman Hesse

_____The gnat swarm-swarming on the lawn
gets bigger each day-müchkenschwarming away
___rising and falling-scattering recentering
_outside my window-like a Mardi Gras crowd
____raving delirious-creating their own parade
___making even me-their View Carré voyeur
______queen for day-shivering with joy
______extravagantly-voyant me

Cleave poems: © 2008 Dennis Kelly

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