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My Human Brain by Andrea Barton

In submission on October 18, 2008 at 8:02 am

Here is another ground-breaking cleave from Andrea Barton, 3 poems fusing into one:

bold (right), italics (middle), normal (left) and then the whole cleave.

                    My Human Brain by Andrea Barton

        May I direct your attentionhere– follow me
                    this way pleaseI am– here to the right
                        on your leftin– this section
                     you will noticeall– ready for paint are
               the columns formed bythe– blank canvasses
   logically situated battalionsquivering– in anticipation
             of warriors at theconjunction– of thought and feeling
                ready for the battleof– reason vs. intuition
               there is no room forlove– in our struggle for
      identity today, only sequence and– expression caught in the fray
  and contrapuntal equilibrium ofalgebra– or in the poetry of a lush epic.
                   rational thoughtand– be careful here
                   on your leftchildbirth– the absolute beginning
            art in its purest formand– the creation of life
a mere moment we are only withoutfault- exquisite and blameless.

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  • Cleave poem submission: darkness/darkness by Dennis Kelly

    In submission on September 11, 2008 at 4:45 am

    Welcome to our first post-call poet with this Cleave:

    _______________darkness – darkness

    ______Once upon a time – a long time ago
    ________way back when – the storytellers said
    ___darkness once ruled – the land speaking
    _____through Storytime – through tongues
    _________through sleek – wordhunters with their
    ___stealthy memorized – wordhordes of
    Anglo-Saxon darkness – darkness…

    Cleave poem: © 2008 Dennis Kelly
    Dennis Kelly has been working with Jackson Mac Low recently and his so-called “diastic” poems (seed text + source text) described in his “Thing of Beauty” selected work (Berkeley, 2008), e.g. “Quatorzains from & for Emily Dicinson,” p. 175.
    For example, here’s I did for Mac Low–
    “Quatorzains from & for Jackson Mac Low”

    Dennis Kelly has 2 books out from SF. 4 anthologies including a Penguin…

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