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Cleave poem submission: darkness/darkness by Dennis Kelly

In submission on September 11, 2008 at 4:45 am

Welcome to our first post-call poet with this Cleave:

_______________darkness – darkness

______Once upon a time – a long time ago
________way back when – the storytellers said
___darkness once ruled – the land speaking
_____through Storytime – through tongues
_________through sleek – wordhunters with their
___stealthy memorized – wordhordes of
Anglo-Saxon darkness – darkness…

Cleave poem: © 2008 Dennis Kelly
Dennis Kelly has been working with Jackson Mac Low recently and his so-called “diastic” poems (seed text + source text) described in his “Thing of Beauty” selected work (Berkeley, 2008), e.g. “Quatorzains from & for Emily Dicinson,” p. 175.
For example, here’s I did for Mac Low–
“Quatorzains from & for Jackson Mac Low”

Dennis Kelly has 2 books out from SF. 4 anthologies including a Penguin…

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