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The Verdant Lore by Ernesto Pangilinan Santiago

In submission on November 15, 2008 at 7:14 am
           The Verdant Lore
     by Ernesto Pangilinan Santiago

       On the page - of this lore
painted verdant by - the rod of God
   a word traveler - unveils

           A song, - its charm
 perhaps, sounding - on the mystic
              blue - sea

 Amidst the echoes - of peripheral visions
  his thoughts are - dancing wildly in the
            orphic - wind

              Like - the twists
         of leaves - in early Autumn
   that innocently - falling in passion,
   seeking a home, - to entertain the souls

 He sighs through… - the remnants of dreams
 and finds himself - a proverbial comfort

  In the breath of - this blossoming page is
   a verdant lore, - the scents of my life

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This Is My Shadow by Ernesto Pangilinan Santiago

In submission on November 11, 2008 at 7:28 am

Please give a warm welcome to a new cleave poet Ernesto Pangilinan Santiago.

This Is My Shadow


               Poetry is my escape - and my cure

                           I float - in word
            like free bird soaring - swiftly
 into the blue sky; freedom is not - found
             in what you can offer - me
              but in what I can do - for my self, without you

                         vacuuming - my whole

                     Oh, my shadow - can only be
by those who are willing to see - me

Poet's Profile: Ernesto Pangilinan Santiago
is a poet and author of “The Walking Man”,
a poetry book published by Outskirtspress.
He lives in Athens, Greece.

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