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Submission: selection of cleave poems from

In submission on September 28, 2008 at 6:31 am

A selection of cleave poems from

De-stressed-Distressed by John Bevan (aka Katanga)

__I’m certain that-I’m overtaxed
__stone-deaf, I’ll-need my ears waxed
________not hear-sometime soon
annoying noises-What a buffoon!

Feeling dies by Rachel Prudden (aka Rioka)

______this beautiful-feeling dies in me
________ally of mine-you can’t hurt me
_______reaching out-for your desire
__and freezing time-does not inspire
an aching heart but-tears in my eyes
_____for you I smile-though I should cry

The Circus by Brett Evans (aka Brett)

____The circus rolls-with joy and glee
__________into town-a novelty
___an ageing clown-shows its face
__proving youthful-without disgrace
__to such old jokes-we all connect
though his respect-through our neglect
_no longer chimes-of ancient rhymes.

Two visions: Ezekiel and Aphrodite by Brian Fone (aka patterjack)

_________Ezekiel saw a vision,-a gleaming godly vision,
____saw wheels within wheels-making the mind spin
_____spreading across the sky-as it slowly revealed itself
dazzling the enlightened man-with all its terrible beauty
__________sweeping him away-and took watcher, mind and body,
__from the reality around him-with its naked,  shining splendour.

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