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Cleave poem submission by Diana Manister and a joint performance Cleave with Dennis Kelly

In submission on September 16, 2008 at 5:41 am
__________From Mary Shelley’s Preface to the First Edition

Cleave poem: © 2008 Diana Manister

__________Elsa Lanchester-Bride of Frankenstein
__________Diana Manister-Dennis Kelly

____Elsa Lanchester plays – Mary Shelley and
____Bride of Frankenstein – all women knowing without a doubt
what research now shows – that Baron Frankenstein guys
______most mad scientists – played by Colin Clive types
________are deeply in love – are deeply in love with themselves
____“It’s alive!! It’s alive!!” – “It’s alive!! It’s alive!!”
______________“It’s alive!!” – “It’s alive!!”
_______________“It’s Me!!!!” – “It’s Me!!!!”
_____________“Eternally!!!” – “Eternally!!!”
______________“Forever!!!” – “Forever!!!”
___________________“Me!!!” – “Me!!!”

Cleave poem: © 2008 Diana Manister & Dennis Kelly

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