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The Cleave October 2008 update

In announcement on November 1, 2008 at 7:28 am

Another month, only our second, and we have reached a new high point: Ron Silliman mentioning us on his extremely popular poetry blog. However, our greatest assets are our cleave poets themselves. Thank you so much.

Let us aim to go onward and upward. I believe success is a by-product of trying.

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Cleave of the Month September 2008 short list

In announcement, cleave of the month, submission on October 21, 2008 at 6:22 am

We decided on a short list of 4 cleave poems for September 2008.

See Cleave of the Month for our choice.

Two visions: Ezekiel and Aphrodite by Brian Fone
       Ezekiel saw a vision,-a gleaming godly vision,
    saw wheels within wheels-making the mind spin
    spreading across the sky-as it slowly revealed itself
dazzling the enlightened man-with all its terrible beauty
           sweeping him away-and took watcher, mind and body,
 from the reality around him-with its naked, shining splendour.

           Point of view by Andrea Barton
                    I see - the same thing:
                      you - through a different lens
                your eyes - blue, oceanic
        the way they look - a sea to one
they take in the distance - to another, sky
            the center of - the you place
                    maybe - eyes wide
         there aren’t any - hollower places;
               starpoints - or pinpricks of light
                 only you - through a different lens
                     your - eyes, the way they look
                blue gaze - and the way you see.

From the cleave suite Dancing with Mary Shelly and Henry James by Diana Manister
                          I busied myself with - concocting a tale
                                                a story - one which would speak to
                                         mysterious - fears
                             awakening horror - terror
                                                  dread - quickening the blood
                                      I saw a body - made of ghastly fragments
                   stolen from a graveyard - showing signs of animation
                                     moving eerily - due to its creators skill
the pale student of unhallowed arts - giving consciousness to his progeny
                          cackling in triumph - it is alive

___black panther by Dennis Kelly
A cleave ‘Translation’ from Pound’s Personae  (1925)
 the black—panther
 the black—jungle sky
except for—his dark green

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