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A Thank You Cleave by Dennis Kelly

In submission on January 27, 2009 at 8:00 am

Dear Phuoc-Tan,


Well, well—thank you very much.

For posting “The Pact”—on The Cleave.

“The Pact” pretty much—says everything.

Everything I know—about The Cleave right now.

Which isn’t much—I keep it minimal.

I keep the baggage light—I let the Spice flow.


I want to let your—Cleave idea “gel” in my mind.

To give it time—to do what it wants to do.

It always seems—to surprise me.

With something Spontaneous—and NEW.

That’s what Pound said—“Make it NEW, baby.”


Making it NEW is easy—if you trust your Intuition.

It’s best in the morning—with a cup of coffee.

With a cat on my lap—and my Fujitsu tablet.

Glowing in the dark—in my bedroom womb.

With the Cleave-stream—flowing thru me.

Thru my sleepywake-up cerebellum…


I’ve made this Pact with Pound—like Pound & Whitman.

The New Sentence in my head—the New Line on the screen.

Sometimes the stylus—can’t wait to get going.

The graceful horizontal slide—of words left to right.

Cleaving it with hyphens—letting the diastic flow go free.

Then the best part—letting the Cleave speak to me…


Letting the 2 verticals—crawl up and down the page.

Like cicadas climbing—up the World Tree

Three Voices talking to me—the Spoken Word inside me.

Saving it on a memory stick—plugging it in later.

Editing the manuscript—on my Roll-top desk laptop.

Each morning—I make this Pact with the Word.

And the Word—says Cleave Me Baby!!!!!


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The Pact by Dennis Kelly

In submission on January 26, 2009 at 11:14 pm
“I make a pact with
you, Walt Whitman”
—Ezra Pound
i make a pact—with you
ezra pound—my fascist father
bollingen prize—badboy poet
pig-headed—pisa prick
st. elizabeth—prisoner of zenda
poet—of the new woode
you broke it—that whitman Line
now it’s—time for cleaving
time for—commerce
words—between us

—based on Ezra Pound’s “A Pact,” Personae (1926)

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The Stylist: Cleave translations by Dennis Kelly

In submission on October 22, 2008 at 6:50 am
The Stylist
—Cleave-translations from
Ezra Pound’s Personae (1926)
1 perfection
2 stylist
3 risqué
4 metro
5 words
6 vice
7 lily
8 valentino
9 eyes
(previously published: here)
—based on “Salvationists”
Ezra Pound’s Personae (1926)
the stylist
           the stylist—unpaid, uncelebrated
    beneath saggy roof—seeking shelter
        words on paper—receive him
     placid uneducated—exercising his talents
without sophistication—writing
    while his mistress—behind creaky door
            makes love—cooks feasts for him
—based on “Beneath the Sagging Roof”
Ezra Pound’s Personae (1926)
    they say—risqué
 my cleaving—canzonetti
   composing—four A.M.
listening to—her music
seeing diana—nude in her bathtub
  delectable—in the delicate
        thru—castalian spray
 the granite—cliffs of helicon
   gathering—about me my
        dice—weak knees
—based on “Ancorda”
Ezra Pound’s Personae (1926)
the apparition—of these faces
  in the crowd—pennies
—based on “In a Station in the Metro”
Ezra Pound’s Personae (1926)
  manila folders—giving the illusion
order everywhere—actually chaos rules
          my den—library knows
       the truth—jungle words
       sarah palen—amorous
thus have the gods—elaphantine
 republican voters—republican votes
       blessed you—allowing you
           my dear—to rule in vice
—based on “Phyllidula”
Ezra Pound’s Personae (1926)
lily bart
tableaux vivant—goddess
    your posing—concerns me
—based on “Ladies”
Ezra Pound’s Personae (1926)
   9 adulteries—12 liaisons
64 fornications—a rape
        nightly—how you brag
      valentino—my friend
      seemingly—so loud
     effortless—and sexy
        while I—on the contrary
     never talk—I’m shy about
 being recently—father of twins
   accomplished—at some cost
     four times—cuckolded
—based on “The Temperaments”
Ezra Pound’s Personae (1926)
(previously published: here)
—based on “The Seeing Eye”
Ezra Pound’s Personae (1926)

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  • Dennis Kelly’s further thoughts on Cleave poetics

    In discussion, submission on October 7, 2008 at 9:31 pm

    CLEAVE POETICS For Phuoc-Tan, Diana, Laurie and Jennifer


    How to write a Cleave poem?

    Write the horizontal poem first.

    Cleave the poem into 2 vertical poems.

    Cleave with hyphens—using your intuition.

    The vertical poems are the zen payoff.

    They’ll read choppy somewhat but intelligent.

    The gestalt one feels is unique because it’s yours.

    It’s your horizontal poem to begin with.

    But the 2 vertical poems are spontaneous.

    Like Mac Low’s diastic impromptu method.

    Except the cleave method is quicker.

    It’s more spontaneous and otherworldly.

    Because it’s you confronting your double.

    Your poetic doppelganger in the NOW.

    The left hand & right hand poems are one.

    They’re not discrete poems.

    They’re the surprise Bingo that happens.

    The left and right poems aren’t stitched together.

    Hunting and picking for combos that fit…

    Cleaving one poem into two—that’s the trick.

    Not stitching two poems into one.

    What I want is surprise, joy and wonder.

    My way gives the poet a double-whammy.

    Cleave collaboration for me is Translation.

    Translating Pound’s Personae, for example.

    Pound put his Anthology poems together for a reason.

    They were his Imagist Manifesto.

    He jump-started the Modernist Movement.

    Eliot and Joyce did too. The three of them.

    With Personae, The Waste Land and Ulysses.

    But Pound did it somewhat differently.

    Thru small discrete poems—rather than Long Poems.

    The Waste Land = Long Elegy

    Ulysses = Long Love Lyric Irish Fairy Tale

    Pound wanted to embrace & extend the Past.

    Eliot and Joyce as well… each did it differently.

    Personae (1926) was Pound’s American Tree (Silliman).

    LangPo Poetry grew once Silliman’s Anthology (1986) came out.

    Personae is a thin little volume—an easy read.

    The American Tree is thick—many machines on Ix.

    Better than those on Richese?

    How to start a Cleave Movement?

    Call it CloPo or maybe CleavePo?

    How about an Anthology?

    An Anthology is like a Baseball Park.

    Build it—and they will come.







    now—my little cleaves

    let us—speak perfection


    let us—elegantly

    tell—our little story


    —based on “Salvationists”

    Ezra Pound’s Personae (1926)






    (“Come, my songs,

    let us speak of perfection—

    We shall get ourselves

    rather disliked.”)


    Now let us show—let us tell.

    Let our little cleaves speak perfection.

    Simplicity—elegantly telling a story.

    Each story—extemporaneous.

    Each story—impromptu.

    Each story—imbued with ad lib.

    Each story—ours to show & tell.


    dennis kelly 9/23/2008

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  • Submissions: Dennis Kelly

    In submission on September 28, 2008 at 6:50 am

    Cleave ‘Translations’ from Pound’s Personae (1925)


    __is it poetry—or just a game

    ____creating—beautiful cleavages

    these elegant—crossword puzzles



    _______de jour


    not knowing—day to day


    ______split—pea soup

    ____cleave—de jour

    ____________mac low

    _________for laurie elaine

    _________i studied—aleatoric poetry

    ___botticellian splits—mac low’s diastic

    ______doubling back—seed to source

    carefully capitalizing—the key letters

    ___to form the name—diagonally down

    _____a pretty effect—but I got bored

    ____not enough tho—give me estrangement

    ___cleaving is more—narratological

    _not just two texts—seed & source

    but three new texts—folding into one

    _________origami—surprise kit

    ____official poetry

    __light-hearted—i woke up

    ___in the wold—nonchalantly

    _the magnolias—blooming

    ____stifled me—faint of breath

    smothered me—the stench

    ______rotting—official poetry


    _____________go—cleave-born book

    ________tell them—diamonds flake

    ______down there—where sapphires

    ____________burn—liquid emeralds fume

    rubies red as blood—flow like lava

    ___________deep—down inside me

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