The Cleave Poetry Webzine [ISSN: 1758-9223]

The Stylist: Cleave translations by Dennis Kelly

In submission on October 22, 2008 at 6:50 am
The Stylist
—Cleave-translations from
Ezra Pound’s Personae (1926)
1 perfection
2 stylist
3 risqué
4 metro
5 words
6 vice
7 lily
8 valentino
9 eyes
(previously published: here)
—based on “Salvationists”
Ezra Pound’s Personae (1926)
the stylist
           the stylist—unpaid, uncelebrated
    beneath saggy roof—seeking shelter
        words on paper—receive him
     placid uneducated—exercising his talents
without sophistication—writing
    while his mistress—behind creaky door
            makes love—cooks feasts for him
—based on “Beneath the Sagging Roof”
Ezra Pound’s Personae (1926)
    they say—risqué
 my cleaving—canzonetti
   composing—four A.M.
listening to—her music
seeing diana—nude in her bathtub
  delectable—in the delicate
        thru—castalian spray
 the granite—cliffs of helicon
   gathering—about me my
        dice—weak knees
—based on “Ancorda”
Ezra Pound’s Personae (1926)
the apparition—of these faces
  in the crowd—pennies
—based on “In a Station in the Metro”
Ezra Pound’s Personae (1926)
  manila folders—giving the illusion
order everywhere—actually chaos rules
          my den—library knows
       the truth—jungle words
       sarah palen—amorous
thus have the gods—elaphantine
 republican voters—republican votes
       blessed you—allowing you
           my dear—to rule in vice
—based on “Phyllidula”
Ezra Pound’s Personae (1926)
lily bart
tableaux vivant—goddess
    your posing—concerns me
—based on “Ladies”
Ezra Pound’s Personae (1926)
   9 adulteries—12 liaisons
64 fornications—a rape
        nightly—how you brag
      valentino—my friend
      seemingly—so loud
     effortless—and sexy
        while I—on the contrary
     never talk—I’m shy about
 being recently—father of twins
   accomplished—at some cost
     four times—cuckolded
—based on “The Temperaments”
Ezra Pound’s Personae (1926)
(previously published: here)
—based on “The Seeing Eye”
Ezra Pound’s Personae (1926)

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