The Cleave Poetry Webzine [ISSN: 1758-9223]


  1. We are currently closed to submissions.
  2. Articles and thoughts on Cleave poetry welcomed.
  3. Submissions by email only.
  4. Send your submissions to cleavepoetry (at) gmail (dot) com and include the words CLEAVE SUBMISSION in the subject line.
  5. Please supply a short biographical note and web URL if you so desire.
  6. Your submissions should be in the body of the mail, preferably with hyphens separating the 2 parts of the cleave poem, further formatting will be done.
  7. You retain full copyright of your work – by submitting you grant us a non-exclusive right to reproduce your work.
  8. Contributions in English please.
  9. We pay GBP25 for submissions which are chosen for Cleave of The Month.
  10. We are in “Editorial Feedback” mode for the present time.
  11. We reserve the right not to publish poetry of an explicit adult nature that would exclude the site from being viewed by children, either through internet censoring software or parental guidance.
  12. Religion: we will be inclusive but reserve the right not to publish poems of a highly inflammatory nature.

All poems: © 2008 The Authors

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