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The Concept of Pervasive Evil – by Ashley Bovan

In submission on September 24, 2009 at 12:37 pm
dissatisfaction sanctification
insatiableness spartan
saturnalian sagittarian
satyromania sacramentarian
spermatozoan sanitation
instantaneous safetyman
supernaturalness statistician
scatterbrained systematization
sabotaging establishmentarian
slaughterman samaritan
skateboarding statesmanship

Down by the Lake – by Ashley Bovan

In submission on August 8, 2009 at 12:20 am
Under a nearby weeping willow a flock of geese pad and poke
a push-chair rattles along Alice wipes mud from an off-green park bench
two bedlam kids squawking then she rests
Vicious seagulls hunt for sandwich fragments Exhaust fumes, and hums and grinds, from the morning motor-rush waft over
Alice fidgets and then heads off to the rose gardens a discarded sheet of kitchen roll sticks to her shoe
The flowers sway like nodding dogs in the backs of cars She listens to echoing Greensleeves again and again piping out from the ice cream van over on the promenade
Up-wind an old boy fires up his acrid briar it’s time to move on
She takes the tarmac path around and up to the rockery tasting the hint of salt blown in from the bay A brittle crisp packet rattles, trapped in an exclamation-mark-like tree
She wanders through the patterns of rocks Her arms droop by her side
and she catches her hand on a clump of nettles Reluctantly, she prepares herself for the long walk home

Ashley Bovan lives and writes in Cardiff and starts studying for an MA

in Creative Writing at Lancaster University in October 2009.

His website is

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