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All Along the Campaign Trail! by Jennifer Siegel

In submission on October 23, 2008 at 6:59 am
A personal political cleave poem by Jennifer Semple Siegel,
seeded with Robert Louis Stevenson.
(First appearance: here).

                All Along the Campaign Trail!

       In the other gardens -- On the endless networks
       And all up the vale, -- And all through cyberspace,
   From the autumn bonfires -- From Springtime surprises
       See the smoke trail! -- Now see how they placed!
       Pleasant summer over -- Conventions now passed
And all the summer flowers, -- And all summer potshots,
       The red fire blazes, -- O'Biden blazes hot,
     The grey smoke towers. -- McPalin does not.
    Sing a song of seasons! -- Sing a song of absurdity!
   Something bright in all! -- All frightful in Fall!
     Flowers in the summer, -- Hucksters all through Summer,
         Fires in the fall! -- One winner nabs all!

--Seed Poem: "Autumn Fires," Robert Louis Stevenson--

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