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Cleave poem submission: tea and sympathy by Dennis Kelly

In submission on September 19, 2008 at 5:53 am

___________tea and-sympathy

“the pictorial technique

of inserting a painting

within a painting

corresponds, in the world

of literature, to the

interpolation of a fiction

within another fiction”

—Jorge Luis Borges,

“When Fiction Lives in Fiction,”

Selected Nonfictions

________two poems-then three

_____living together-a family of one

_____endless stories-a house of mirrors

a whitman’s sampler-of little goodies

____little zen-jumps-bonjour gide genet borges

______zen + langpo=langcleave

mise en abîme detourstres scheherazadesque

___z=e=n cleavages-to entertain guests

________sipping teawith sympathy

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  • Cleave poem submissions: Dennis Kelly’s thoughts on Cleave poetics

    In discussion, submission on September 17, 2008 at 11:44 am

    Here are some of Dennis Kelly’s thoughts on Cleave poetry.

    Any more thoughts?


    ______—for Phuoc-Tan Diep


    ____________trying it once-trying it again

    blasting the poetic public-with our new cleavages

    _______cleaving that place-in their brains

    they didn’t know existed!-where angels fear to tread!

    ____uncleaving ourselves-poetically speaking

    _starting something new-not knowing where it’s going

    _____trying all the doors-to find openings
    ________that cleave form-pushing our brains


    _____________cleave me!!!-cleave me!!!

    _____LangClo Cleavage

    ___—for Phuoc-Tan Diep

    _______Please-don’t listen to me

    I’m just trying-to charm you

    ____the world-out of you

    ____ out on youinto me




    ___teamwork-The Trinity

    ____________diamond cleavage

    ____cleaving is like = making love
    lying on your back = with her on top
    _doing all the work = cleaving you
    ______perfectly still = like a diamond
    ____the cleave/gem = a diamond haiku


    _each cleave is different—just like making love.
    ____each time is unique—and erotically intense.
    _______each cleave-gem—cleaves the brain perfectly.
    each time is right brain—left brain cleave.
    _right down the middle—splits you in half.
    __each diamond cleave—is yours to keep.
    ____it doesn’t last long—but it’s deep.

    Cleave poems: © 2008 Dennis Kelly

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