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Maypole – a 6 way cleave by Andrea Barton

In submission on October 25, 2008 at 6:44 am
A 6-way cleave by Andrea Barton - a concrete cleave?
Here are her words:

"this is a six way poem based on the cleave form. 
I'm going to wait and see if anyone can figure out 
the six ways in which this poem can be read..."


brightly colored - center - celebration of
            spring - of - ribbons
         held by - poems - this way
          colors - are - dancing
        girls - maypoles - that way
        twirling - driven - skipping
      twisting - into - light steps of
        children - the - laughter and
         hope - earth - in the sun

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    1. LOVED the 6 way — diagonal and in every other direction if we read with one eye closed!! LOVE it. Have you published an books about poetry forms?

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