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Cleave of the Month September 2008 short list

In announcement, cleave of the month, submission on October 21, 2008 at 6:22 am

We decided on a short list of 4 cleave poems for September 2008.

See Cleave of the Month for our choice.

Two visions: Ezekiel and Aphrodite by Brian Fone
       Ezekiel saw a vision,-a gleaming godly vision,
    saw wheels within wheels-making the mind spin
    spreading across the sky-as it slowly revealed itself
dazzling the enlightened man-with all its terrible beauty
           sweeping him away-and took watcher, mind and body,
 from the reality around him-with its naked, shining splendour.

           Point of view by Andrea Barton
                    I see - the same thing:
                      you - through a different lens
                your eyes - blue, oceanic
        the way they look - a sea to one
they take in the distance - to another, sky
            the center of - the you place
                    maybe - eyes wide
         there aren’t any - hollower places;
               starpoints - or pinpricks of light
                 only you - through a different lens
                     your - eyes, the way they look
                blue gaze - and the way you see.

From the cleave suite Dancing with Mary Shelly and Henry James by Diana Manister
                          I busied myself with - concocting a tale
                                                a story - one which would speak to
                                         mysterious - fears
                             awakening horror - terror
                                                  dread - quickening the blood
                                      I saw a body - made of ghastly fragments
                   stolen from a graveyard - showing signs of animation
                                     moving eerily - due to its creators skill
the pale student of unhallowed arts - giving consciousness to his progeny
                          cackling in triumph - it is alive

___black panther by Dennis Kelly
A cleave ‘Translation’ from Pound’s Personae  (1925)
 the black—panther
 the black—jungle sky
except for—his dark green

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