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Newborn by Lauren McBride

In submission on September 11, 2009 at 9:56 pm
So tired Of baby’s tears
Up late again I grow weary
Why do you cry, my little son? Are you hungry?
Are you wet? Too hot? Too cold?
Here, let Mama hold you It’s late. Please go to sleep.
He stares at me Then he coos
and sucks his thumb lays his head on my shoulder
relaxes in my arms, asleep his hair so soft against my cheek.
Good night, my little one Sweet dreams. I love you.

Lauren McBride’s work has appeared in the contest chapbook the Drabbler #14, the Aurorean, Mom Writer’s Literary Magazine, and online in various Ezines. She was chosen first runner-up in Crossed Genres’ flash fiction contest of July 2009 for her story, “Go-Green Grass”.