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A cleave by any other name…Part 4: Triptych

In announcement, discussion on April 28, 2009 at 8:18 pm

I was doing what you call cleave poetry in the late 90's with the poetry group centered in Arlington Heights, IL. We called the poems triptychs because they could be read three ways. We also did wreath poems which shared words or phrases at the top and bottom but could be read three ways and V poems which shared only one word or phrase at the top or bottom. What you have done is create a movement and named the poetic type which is quite an accomplishment. Our group performed at Barnes and Noble, Borders, various coffee houses and the Green Mill where Marc Smith, the founder of slam poetry has his performances.

Richard Dates

rain–of poetry by Richard Dates

this poem is my writing
about the rain which forms patterns
in the air dripping down
a gray presence through time
a long affair like a kind of scroll
sacred not planned
by its wetness promoting growth
penetrating to some kind of root
deep into everything but with no clear purpose
softening the light diffusing its path
then drifting away toward some unknown destination

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