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A New Book by Ernesto P. Santiago: The Poet Who Asked The Birds How To Fly

In announcement on March 31, 2009 at 9:36 pm

Hello Poetry Enthusiasts!

I am pleased to announce that The Poet Who Asked The Birds How To Fly” is now available, worldwide, through most major book outlets / distributors such as Amazon and BarnesandNoble. See below the book webpage link and Excerpts From Reviews.

Book webpage:

Excerpts from Reviews

Making a corrective suggestion to Ernestos work is a rarity since he knows exactly what he wants to express and conveys to his readers. I can truly state with confidence while reading poems by this expressive, eloquent and enlightening poet, the reader will always advance in stature with love in their hearts, joy in their souls, with a gift freely given by a man of poetic knowledge who pens universal truth.

Rhoda Galgiani

Poet, Long Island, NY, USA

Founding Member of Globals Poets Guild

This rhythmical poetic volume brings to light such an elegant artistry, in terms of Ernestos adoption of eloquence and symbolic imagery for dramatic poetic enunciation. His interpretation of imaginative language and the use of stimulating and uplifting words for the soul will move the reader to another level that is soothing to the mind with words of loving pleasability, and dancing creativity, as poetic language should.

Dr. Joseph S. Spence, Sr.


Ambassador State of Arkansas

Founder of the Epulaeryu Form of Poetry


Thank you for your attention,

Ernesto P. Santiago

  1. Warm greetings, The Cleave!

    Thanks a lot, Dr Phuoc-Tan Diep, for the nice surprise today!

    Poetically yours,

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