The Cleave Poetry Webzine [ISSN: 1758-9223]

2 joint cleaves by Graham & Fleur Blick

In submission on February 2, 2009 at 10:17 pm

A trip to Great Yarmouth for lunch

Gentle, courageous victorious Horatio Brittania marks a Norfolk hero
renowned and adored by Burnham Thorpe Nor-folk exposed to the elements and flurrying snow
then cosseted warmth in Kings Head, Acle we scuttle inside
feasting on history and food at the tavern surrounded by ploughshares, creatures and pheasants
hospitality abounding and implements galore creative adornments both inside and out
we talk we eat

Deli/bistro 103 Unthank Road – Retirement celebration – A cleave poem in retirement unwittingly

The grey descends upon the murky glen
colourful coats depressions lift
cheered by a stranger like a bright white light
Empty space follows in the greyness of the glen
Who do you think of? while emptiness prevails
Where do we go next? in the myriad darkness

Bio: Graham & Fleur Blick: “you never retire”.
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