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Cleave of the Month January 2009 shortlist

In cleave of the month on February 1, 2009 at 10:46 pm
The editor’s shortlist for this month – voting is open until 15th February.
A Tank/A Life by Michael Williams
alone in a field – walking by myself
a water tank sits rusting – stopping and looking inside
once full of water – I think of my life
little more than scum remains – of potential and promise
existence without purpose – a sense of disappointment




When Styx Freezes Over by Boris Kipnis
your impulses stimulate my mind
heart make me want to wake up hungry
ready to act irresponsibly the dead again
waking up like a child toothless helpless
naked crying for love wide smile when I see
you calm my temper tantrums swallowing the world
urges subside when your breast cold and empty
touches my lips hair stands up vastness of grief
turning into find yours twin blades blue steel on glass
hardness soothing cuts part flesh and bloody
waves of happiness wash away depression
slamming rocking my senses like cancer
in remission my stilts still crumble why?




Immortality by Rick Dale

I want to careI want people to think

I doI really give a shit

or maybe I think I’m supposed to careIt’s only a phantom

all that guilt-driven shamethe constant harping

heaped on medosed in good measure

by a well-meaning but fascist parentapplied with “love”

comes to fruitionleaving welts

late in lifeon tender skin

Too late?“Not enough,” I scream

The “what is” and the “what should be”unnecessarily

wage war in my crimson thoughtsBut they do make it seem like

I really really don’t give a good goddamnat times

about much of anything others think of meyes, not even you

yet I still act like I dounderstand completely

Am I in control?A lack of empathy

Or is it she—still?Shrew-bitch!

And the gray elephantine weight of it allBearing down unmercifully

colors and smothers my every laborcrushing any effort

to write, speak, move, feelto love!

If I could drive a stakewith abandon

through the heart of darknessto the hilt

I would—ending itforever

But there is immortalitywith her blessings
and her name is “mother”Amen




Ricardo Reis by Dennis Kelly
“No one by choice
or inclination would
remain in this port.”
—Jose Saramago,
The Year of the Death
Of Ricardo Reis

here the sea ends—the coast begins
it is raining—over the colorless sea
the waters of the river—polluted with mud
the riverbeds—flooded
a dark vessel—ascends the somber river
to anchor—in lisbon
back & forth—the same ports
london—buenos aires
la plata—montevideo
santos—rio de janeiro
pernambuco—las palmas
one does not speak—or ask
which is—the greater river
which is—the greater town
a curtain of water—descends from sky
we come to know—what we don’t know
which is what—we know already
there is nothing—but names
beyond the reach—of writing




Dearly Belateds by Diana Manister


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  1. Dearest Diana,

    Incredibly beautiful…

    Both poem and cover….

    How exquisitely The Cleave’s “style” is maturing

    As we enter Cleave baroque…

    Even Cleave rococo…

    Opening up like a Rosebud…

    Yes, more!!!

    Cleave Anthology

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