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The Killing Fields by Thane Zander

In submission on January 23, 2009 at 9:14 pm
                In Kampuchea | the memory burns 
          the killing fields | lost in dying memories 
            where once stood | mighty Oaks 
            children playing | with one leg, an arm missing 
        now barren, memorium | a past lost 
         soldiers once stood | the shouts of pain 
              barking orders | to innocent walkers 
           in concentrations | the line littered 
              with skeletons | marking the path 
              where the dead | lying aghast 
cried for the loss of honour | the loss of hope 
                   in Rwanda | it is reborn.

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  1. These are excellent cleaves you’re posting here, Thane. I’d like to include all of them in the Anthology. Once an experiened poet gets into the cleave mode, things open up quickly. With me it’s been Latino cleavage lately: Pessoa, Saramago and now Roberto Bolaño — reading his The Romantic Dogs. The energy you sense in Rwanda is the energy Bolaño experienced in Chile, Mexico and Spain. Picking up on that energy and cleaving into it. That’s the energy I want the Anthology to vibrate with, You’re good at. Keep writing, Thane.

  2. You’re good at it. I like your poetry over in Babilu too. I like the way Babilu gives poets “space” to grow within a friendly collegial environment; and time within an open “dialogical imagination” to experiment with new forms of “post-avant poetics” such as Phuoc-Tan’s cleave. I’ll post a Latino cleave in Babilu soon.

    Cheers, Dennis

  3. Thane,

    Here is the link to the babilu cleave post.

  4. Thanks Dennis,

    I have to say I’m not only enjoying writing Cleaves, but I’m fair swimming in others writes. Thanks for inclusion in the Anthology.


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