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Trust me by Boris Kipnis

In submission on January 6, 2009 at 11:34 pm
    The peace - of mind - my love
   Will come - as well as - words
     When our – bodiesuntangle
     Tongues – learningto speak
    Free from - all but - the truth
   The brain - forgetting - the hatred
Will connect – everything - in our hearts
 To all that - is sad and - is hidden
  God wanted – buried deep - in silence

Boris Kipnis:
1. I live now (sometimes) in Michigan. i was born in Kiev, Ukraine 52 years ago. Went to school there (tri-lingual: Russian, Ukraininan, English), then off to the university in Russia 150 km from Moscow to major in Roman-German linguistics. Besides languages, studied world literature. Wrote poetry in Russian since i was a kid, loved Russian poetry, some classical poets (Pushkin and Lermontov), but especially the first half of the 20th century poets (Blok, Pasternak, Mandelshtam, Akhmatova, Tsvetayeva, etc.). Translated some of the English and American poetry into Russian.

2. Moved to the US in the beginning of 1979, lived, worked and studied in Ohio – Engineering and Psychology. Got MBA in International Business in 1991 from Baldwin-Wallace. Worked most of my adult life in the automotive industry, still do international business consulting. Spend most of my time in Europe now – Germany, Austria, Russia.

3. Was happily married for almost 31 years until my wife passed away in 2007. have 2 great daughters and 3 wonderful grand children, 1 more coming soon!

4. I write poetry whenever and wherever – love it and wish i could spend more time writing. Translated some of the Russian poetry into English and hope to  translate some more of my favorite Russian poetry into English the way it should be translated, even though it is extremely difficult. Also, recently started to write songs, since I’m able and willing to torture my acoustic guitar and a piano sometimes. hope to spend some time this year working on a cd (wrote 8 songs so far, working on 4 more).

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  1. Dear Boris.

    I like very much this 3-columned cleave of yours. Adding an emboldened middle vertical narrative to the mix gives it an elegant appearance and chance to expand on Phuoc-Tan’s basic cleave form. I pretty much have stayed with basic two-columned format—but enjoy the fascinating new variations of cleavage by poets like you, Diana and others. I look forward to how you work with this new Form—and how you share your thoughts with us thru it.


  2. I love the way the spirit of this poem can be seen through the three seperate verticals, to be brought together in true harmony in the horizontal. In short I think this poem is beutiful

  3. Dear Dennis and Nafulla,

    Thank you so much for your kind comments. Makes me want to write another one…LOL. I have to thank Andrea Barton for showing me the beauty of this form.

    Best regards,


  4. Deaf Boris,
    I love poetry, but the primary purpose of this message is to learn something about your family on Kipnis side. Since this is not a proper forum for such exchanges, would you care to write to
    Thank you.
    Nahum Kipnis, Minneapolis, MN

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