The Cleave Poetry Webzine [ISSN: 1758-9223]

Dennis Kelly cleaving Ron Silliman

In submission on January 4, 2009 at 11:08 pm

Ron Silliman

“I write to know
who I am”
Ron Silliman

He says—he writes
To know—who he is
I’m just—the opposite
I write—to forget

“I’m straight”—he says
But I’m—more backwards
A kind of—Weimar drag

His message—“Be Here Now.”
Mine—is more subversive
Anywhere—but here, my dear
Give me—Dr. Caligari’s Closet!!!

Last night—he was reading
Thomas Pynchon—Against The Day
I’m still stuck—in Gravity’s Rainbow

William Carlos Williams—Spring and All
Got him going—Zukofsky and Creeley
Armantrout—and Watten helped him
I’ve read—In the American Tree

It’s Xmas Eve—I’m on the run
Is there—room in the inn?
My wife (virgin)—she’s pregnant
Three wise thugs—are trailing us

(From Dennis Kelly’s cleave site)

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