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Split in Two (or three) by P.A.Levy

In submission on November 28, 2008 at 7:59 am

Split in Two (or three)

I’ve held……. night time skies laden with dreams,
stars………….. and the moon, whose orbit follows lines
in my hand.. laid down into darkness moulded by caresses,
until light….. touch of pleasures; sweet songs
escaped……… crashing into prism colours,
out through. sonnets I wrote on your flesh
my fingers…. tracing every wish into a couplet
and then……. sealing every letter of love with a kiss
I just held….. and held you until morning became clothed in mists;
cloud………….. castles crumbled on the drift and I was lost in echoes
whispers……. that blue is here to stay forever.

P.A.Levy, having fled his native East End, now hides in the heart of Suffolk countryside learning the lost art of hedge mumbling.  He has been published in several magazines, although these days he spends far too much time controlling his characters on the Clueless Collective website at:

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  1. P.A. Levy’s poem is one of the more lyrical cleaves on the site. A post Romantic voice in contrast to the more ironic, materially-oriented polyvocality in most of the other cleaves, this poem establishes the cleave’s continuity with poetic tradition at an earlier point.

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