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tHe mAgic typEwritEr (cleave poetics 13&14/19) by Dennis Kelly

In submission on November 20, 2008 at 7:18 am
CLEAVE POETICS 13&14 of 19


“metaphor chains”
—Clark Coolidge,
“Arrangement,” Talking
Poetics from Naropa

        not everyone here—hears words turning
      feels apportionment—mosaic night-soil moving
      collecting in sleep—penetrating dreams
    invisible stalagmites—slow motion overhead
      older than pyramids—elvis’ blue suede shoes
        cassiopeia’s taxi—outside the 7-eleven
the lady in the red dress—the queen of spades
    words want to make us—faking us away
        twisting crimping—that’s their style
     give them some slack—chill your cool


“there are no rules,
let’s see what can
be written”
—Clark Coolidge,
Postmodern Poetry:
The Talisman Interviews

              see the ink—egyptian papyrus jive
            see the ships—on the walls of the temples
             see the nile—inching back and forth centuries
            see the birds—in the reeds along the banks
      see the steep steps—hear the coffin creak & groan
    see the antique palms—leaning into the sunset
   see the piles of stone—beneath the ancient stars
        see the gold mask—see thru tut’s time-machine
  see the coiled caduceus—uncoil when it’s time
see the face that’s yours—when the pyramids fly

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