The Cleave Poetry Webzine [ISSN: 1758-9223]

One last thing by Carol Lynn Grellas

In submission on November 17, 2008 at 7:16 am

Please welcome another new cleave poet – Carol Lynn Grellas.

               One last thing

      Bury these words - someday
   they’ll be too real - if read out loud
        too convoluted - you won’t understand
  such shocking things - these thoughts and dreams
all better left unsaid - conceal the remnants
    cover up the truth - this final rubbish
          my only poem - and lasting proof
         your souvenir - of all that was unspoken.

Carol Lynn Grellas is the author of two chapbooks:
Litany for Finger Prayers, forthcoming from Pudding
House Press and Object of Desire available from
Finishing Line Press. She is a two-time Pushcart
nominee and widely published in magazines and
online journals, including most recently, The Hiss
Quarterly, Flutter, Oak Bend Review and an electric
chapbook, Desired Things from Gold Wake Press.
She lives with her husband, five children and a
blind dog named Ginger.

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  1. Clever use of this new format and the lucidity of your wordings/write makes it a great read, bravo and… one last thing…welcome to The Cleave! Ernesto

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