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Cloven by Mal

In submission on November 13, 2008 at 7:12 am

…and another new cleave poet; a mysterious cleave poet by the name of Mal…

                     Cloven by Mal

Chief Joseph Pass
the apex                    of the distribution curve
                            where we should be
on schedule
on time                     on a slick curving road
about to descend
into the Big Hole
                            there are no potholes in the surface
                            of space

that we negotiate           without conceptualizing
aware                       that we’ve been here before

that we are allowed to pass through this grand trick
                            of what we cannot observe

without altering
time                        the collision of particles
                            kochia tumbling the highway
A snow gander
spreads his wings
in freeze-up                across the Big Hole River

Bio: Mal, who lives in Montana. Often misplaces his shoes.
Gets 1950's model tail-finned American convertibles
mixed up with deepwater fish, much to his detriment.
Otherwise a mystery.

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