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Ducks Eggs by Thane Zander

In submission on November 12, 2008 at 7:22 am

A very warm welcome to another cleave poet, Thane Zander.

                  Ducks Eggs
                by Thane Zander

     She ducked-dived - waltzed in the blue pond
     her mane ruffled - the spreading tree making
           extricated - partnership deals
 from within her mind - the light omitted
seven fingers of hope - dancing a polka
   until the last joy - blowing her away.

Bio: Thane is a retired man writing poetry as a full
time occupation out of Feilding New Zealand.
He is a New Zealander born and bred.  His secondary
school was Palmerston North Boys High School,
where he was first introduced to poetry
(WH Auden’s Night Mail).He spent 27 years in the
Royal New Zealand Navy, dabbling in poetry occassionally,
but was invalided out with a diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder
in 2002. He has been retired since trying to cope with
the illness and he turned to poetry as a means to
moderate his moods and to measure his progress with
his illness. To date, in six years, he has written over
900 poems, mostly at several online poetry forums.
He has been published in several anthologies and ezines,
but writes mainly for self gratification.

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