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Cleave of the Month October 2008 shortlist

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**Poll closing date: 15th November – congratulations to Diana Manister for October’s Cleave of the Month**

It’s that time again: (and as the USA is in the mood for voting) please vote for October 2008 Cleave of the Month from this shortlist.

Whisper your name three times into the wind and it will go by Diana Manister
(From Dancing with Mary Shelley and Henry James A Cleave Suite)
                                    to the land of titles - signs
            and diaries drawings and stories - of love
                                       words describing - April's fragrance
                                     distant pictures of - real sun
                                                 showerless - showers
                    facsimilies of spring flowers - and bees in the buddleia
              always a step away from places - feelings sensations
nothing more wonderful than the word - wonder
                             leaving behind a trace - a sigh
                           whose name blew away - on a windy day

           Maypole by Andrea Barton

brightly colored - center - celebration of
            spring - of - ribbons
         held by - poems - this way
          colors - are - dancing
        girls - maypoles - that way
        twirling - driven - skipping
      twisting - into - light steps of
        children - the - laughter and
         hope - earth - in the sun


                Argentina by Dennis Kelly

“Los artificios y candor del hombre”
—Jorge Luis Borges,
“El golem”

  already you can see—the tragic setting
      each thing here—in its appointed place
       the broadsword—the ash destined for dido
             the coin—ready for belisarius
      why do you weep—searching in lazy
bronze old hexameters—gone old empires?
  when 7 feet of dirt—waits for you
 a slow rush of blood—Argentina
      watches you now—the mirror of death
      dreaming you up—spitting in your face
 all your crummy dayz—so bourgeois
 goodbye middle class—it was the house
        by the street—you grew up in
 but now peron, evita—Argentina
        wants it back—again


  All Along the Campaign Trail! by Jennifer Semple Siegel

       In the other gardens -- On the endless networks
       And all up the vale, -- And all through cyberspace,
   From the autumn bonfires -- From Springtime surprises
       See the smoke trail! -- Now see how they placed!
       Pleasant summer over -- Conventions now passed
And all the summer flowers, -- And all summer potshots,
       The red fire blazes, -- O'Biden blazes hot,
     The grey smoke towers. -- McPalin does not.
    Sing a song of seasons! -- Sing a song of absurdity!
   Something bright in all! -- All frightful in Fall!
     Flowers in the summer, -- Hucksters all through Summer,
         Fires in the fall! -- One winner nabs all!

--Seed Poem: "Autumn Fires," Robert Louis Stevenson--

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