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The Truth and Lies of Lovers by K.M. Ryan

In submission on November 4, 2008 at 7:57 am

Welcome to a new contributor: K.M. Ryan with a rhyming cleave.

The Truth and Lies of Lovers

No, I’m not chasing – the truth in the lies, the chance

dreams, so alluring – that without consequence

they remain recurring, – would ruin all thought of romance

until they sting, – until words are lost in a frozen glance,


until these eyes lose their fire – until love loses its luster

but I could chase a desire – reducing a reality to a blur,

if the circumstances should require, – may a change of heart occur,

that a lover be reduced to a liar – to conjure any truth I could muster.


KM Ryan, 19, college student, have written poetry for about 7 years, took a few months off over the summer to focus on other activities. KM Ryan’s poetry can be found at: Mind on Display.

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